Carte Blanche, Collaboration with Sandra Semchuk

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Carte Blanche

November 21 – December 20, 2014

Opening Reception: Friday, November 21, 7-11pm

DNA artspace is pleased to present Carte Blanche, our final exhibition of 2014. Carte blanche, a French term that translates to white or blank card, is also a phrase for describing having the freedom to do as one wishes. Drawing from the literal and figurative meaning of the title, we have created a collaborative mail art project that utilizes both a blank postcard, and limitless creative possibilities.

Carte Blanche involves over one hundred contemporary artists across Canada and abroad who are in various stages of their career. We sent seventy artists a mail art kit: a postcard, an envelope, and two stamps. They were asked to create a work with the postcard and collaborate with a fellow artist of their choice. They have been given carte blanche; the perimeters are left open.

Participating Artists

  • Barbara Hobot (Kitchener) + Matt Schust (Toronto)
  • Bogdan Cheta (Calgary) + Janet Turner (Calgary)
  • Brad Isaacs (London) + Amanda White (Toronto)
  • Brandan Doty (Guelph) + Janine Miedzik (Guelph)
  • Chris Cran (Calgary) + John Will (Calgary)
  • Chris Myhr (Hamilton) + John Ford (Hamilton)
  • Christine Negus (London) + Ania Wroblewski (Montreal)
  • Conan Masterson + Gerri-Lynn Mackey (Corner Brook, NL)
  • David Merritt (London) + Nicholas Wade (Lethbridge)
  • Anonymous + Anonymous
  • Dickson Bou (London) + Jamil Afana (London)
  • drunken paw [Mark Dicey + Leslie Sweder + Janet Turner] (Calgary)
  • Gabriella Solti (London) + Debbie Westergaard Tuepah (Vancouver)
  • Gary Spearin (London) + Sandra Gregson (Toronto)
  • Gillian Dykeman (Toronto) + Jerry Ropson (Sackville)
  • Grace Braniff (Toronto) + Shizen Jambor (Vancouver)
  • Heather Carey (London) + Sasha O (Windsor)
  • Heather Kai Smith (Calgary) + Mary Rothlisberger (Palouse, WA)
  • Hilary Bowman (Calgary) + Luke Maddaford (Windsor)
  • Hyang Cho (Guelph) + Shane Krepakevich (Toronto)
  • Jamelieh Hassan (London) + Troy David Ouellette (London)
  • Jamie Q (London) + Luke Ramsey (Victoria)
  • Jared Peters (Toronto) + Gray Richards (Toronto)
  • Jason McLean (Brooklyn/London) + Etienne Zach (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Jenna Faye Powell + Matt King (Toronto)
  • Jennifer Crighton (Calgary) + Thea Yabut (London)
  • Jennifer Martin (London) + Sandra Semchuk (Vancouver)
  • Jesse Stilwell (Calgary)
  • Jim Verburg (Toronto) + Joy Walker (Toronto)
  • Jodie Rose Serwa (Calgary) + Sondra Meszaros (Calgary)
  • Jolie Bird (Calgary) + Heather Huston (Calgary)
  • Justin Waddell (Calgary) + David Poolman (Toronto)
  • Kali Urquhart (Calgary) + Dallin Ursenbach (Calgary)
  • Katie Lyle (Toronto) + Megab Hepburn (Vancouver)
  • Kelly Jazvac (London) + Jen Hutton (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Kiarra Albina (Calgary) + Heather Kai Smith (Calgary)
  • Kim Neudorf (London) + Paolo Fontin (Peterborough)
  • Kyla Brown (Toronto) + Sara Cullen (Oxford, UK)
  • Lefty Smudges (London) + Nick Farmer (London)
  • Liza Eurich (London) + Juliane Foronda (Toronto)
  • Lynette de Montreuil (London) + Carly Butler (Halifax)
  • Marlene Hilton Moore (Hillsdale) + Joe N (Halifax)
  • Michael Farnan (Victoria) + Shannell Papp (Lethbridge)
  • Maryse Lariviere (London) + Tiziana La Melia (Vancouver)
  • Neil Klassen (London) + Ella Dawn Mcgeough (Toronto)
  • Niloufar Salimi (London) + Rachel MacFarlane (New Brunswick, NJ)
  • Parker Branch (London) + Maggie Groat (Vancouver)
  • Patrick Cull (Kitchener) + Jon Claytor (Sackville)
  • Patrick Mahon (London) + Thomas Mahon (Cambridge)
  • Ross Bell (London) + Jordan Broadworth (New York, NY)
  • Ron Benner (London) + Miriam Jordan (London)
  • Sarah Froese (Hamilton)+ Neal Moignard (Montreal)
  • Serena McCarroll (Toronto) + Robert Dayton (Kitchener)
  • Shawn P. Mankowske (Calgary) + Natalie McLean (Calgary)
  • Sky Glabush (London) + David Merritt (London)
  • Sondra Meszaros (Calgary) + Jodie Rose Serwa (Calgary)
  • Tegan Moore (London) + Daniel Oates Kuhn (Beacon, NY)
  • Thea Yabut (London) + Marigold Santos (Montreal)
  • Tony McAuley (London) + Emma Bradley (London)
  • Wyn Geleynse (London) + Paul Walde (Victoria)

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