16mm Filmmaking Workshop

16mm projector with reflected projection on wall

Filming with LOMAA

I had the great pleasure to participate in a London Ontario Media Arts Association (LOMAA) workshop this weekend. Charlie Egleston, with great knowledge and passion facilitated the full day 16mm filmmaking workshop. The turnout was impressive including artists, digital filmmakers, and students from Western, Fanshawe and Beal. In the past I had taught myself how to hand process 16mm film and use a Bolex camera however this formal introduction to the medium explained a few of the mysteries I hadn’t quite figured out for myself.

London Based Filmmaker: Charlie Egleston

Working in expanded modes of film and video production, Charlie Egleston has been making distinctive films, videos, and installation art for over a decade. His current work draws on both the potential of expressiveness in the ‘home mode’ of making and a consuming fascination with the phenomena of moving images. Screening both nationally and internationally, he is also an active community member who strongly advocates the artist’s role in their community.He has programmed, curated, served on boards, and held workshops for many community-based film/video events/organizations, and currently teaches filmmaking at Fanshawe College.

 Still from See/Saw, Charlie Elgeston, 2010.

See/Saw by Charlie Egleston

See/Saw by Charlie …
100dollarfilmfestival.org, 8 Mar 2011 [cached]
SYNOPSIS: A film about seeing and having seen. Completely hand-processed and painstakingly edited, ‘SEE/SAW’ is comprised of a series of iris fades – commonly found in silent films to signal the beginning or end of a scene – re-appropriated as a formal approach that frames the desire to see and to remember. Dichotomies surface in the high contrast images – opening/closing, beginning/ending, light/dark – it is also a deeply personal film that faces the imminence of not being.